StorageAre My Items in Storage Safe and Secure?

Your items will always stay safe and secure at the Jordan River East storage facility. We understand this is a concern of many customers. You can trust us with your personal belongings. Our warehouse is climate controlled, has 24 hour security and located conveniently in the NY/NJ Tristate area.

Why Use A Storage Unit During A Move?

Whether moving cross country or internationally, you will need a place to store your things. Getting stuck between a move with no place to keep your stuff could become a headache. You might prefer keeping your items in a storage unit between the moves. You can keep your belongings at our moving company storage unit as long as you need before making that final move. When it is time to move, our company will go to the storage unit, pick up your stuff and deliver to your preferred location.

Things That Should Not Go in a Storage Unit

Our storage units follow basic safety rules so everyone’s belongings are safe. Here are restricted things that should not go into a storage unit:

• Flammable & Hazardous Items
• Toxic Chemicals
• Biological waste
• Asbestos
• Combustible
• Live or dead animals
• Plants
• Plug in items
• Perishable Food
• Illegal drugs
• Unregistered vehicles
• Animal food and products
• Radioactive equipment or materials

Some of these things are very dangerous and can cause a fire. Others will spoil quickly or attract pests. A few are illegal.

Things That Can Go in a Storage Unit

Here are some things that are accepted in a storage unit:

• Furniture
• Electronics
• Appliances
• Photos
• Musical instruments
• Documents
• Files
• Antiques
• Art
• Collectibles
• Vehicles (rules may apply)
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Books
• DVDs
• CDs
• Tapes
• Clothing
• Household Goods
• Commercial Goods

Items That Require A Controlled Climate Storage Unit

Here are some items that would need to be stored in a climate controlled storage unit:

• Leather furniture
• Wood furniture (will chip or crack in adverse temperatures)
• Appliances
• Collectibles
• Stamps
• Wine
• Comic Books
• Artwork
• Clothing
• Precious metals
• Vinyl Records
• Old Photos

Storage Units At Jordan River East Moving Company

Our storage units are secure in a modern facility with the latest climate controlled technology. The humidity stays at 55% to protect sensitive items during adverse temperatures fluctuations. On-site security watches the units 24/7 to prevent burglaries and respond to emergencies. Building is fireproof to avoid permanent damage to the warehouse. If a fire starts, anti-flame materials will activate to give fire crews time to sustain the blaze.

No matter how much stuff you keep in the storage units, we can accommodate your things. Store your moving boxes here at Jordan River East Moving & Storage facilities in New York and New Jersey. This is the best way to store boxes between moves. You can choose where you want your belongings delivered anywhere in the world!

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