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Local Moving Services – Moving In and Around NYC

The Way to Move Locally by Jordan River East

Moving locally? It may seem like a simple task but the art and science of moving around NYC and the local metro area is anything but simple sometimes.

Our moving experts are well-versed in navigating building requirements, logistics and timelines. From walk-ups to freight elevators, to the care and protection of your belongings, our local moving services ensure your move is easy, simple and stress-free.

We start with a detailed explanation of all the costs you can expect, well before moving day. You will receive a clear breakdown of the charges to eliminate surprises and help you understand what to expect. Moving day will be simple because you’ll have a clear itinerary well in advance.

Jordan River East moving consultants are available to you for estimates, questions that may arise during the quote process, or anything else leading up to or after moving day. We’ve heard it all before but we also understand this may be your first time asking the questions—and we are here for anything you need.

Our quotes are based on a fixed-price formula. We take into account everything you are moving, the distance you are traveling, and other factors to create an all-inclusive price that won’t change unless the move details change. This ensures you have no surprises on moving day.

Wondering if Jordan River East is the right moving company for you? Consultations are free and we’re happy to discuss anything on your mind to help you make the right decision for your move.

How much does it cost to move within Manhattan?

Answer: Any Moving Service in Manhattan will tell you that costs can fluctuate widely depending on what area you are moving into and what type of residence. In the case of an apartment, for example, there can be different factors such as the location of your floor, elevator accessibility and building rules specified by the apartment owners. 

In general consider the following 4 variables always: 

  • Quantity of boxes 
  • Number, type and size of furniture 
  • Moving distances
  • Ease of accessibility 

A major issue with apartment moves is when you are being charged hourly fees that do not take into consideration the traffic delays and issues with moving up and down crowded buildings and apartments. 

You will be glad to know that we, at Jordan River East work on a fixed-price formula where we take into account all possible factors and give you a final price only after all our calculations are done. This will obviously vary depending on a number of factors and we make sure to include them all. 

However, if you are still interested in getting an average quotation of prices, we have an average cost for Manhattan moving services.

Will Manhattan moving companies go bankrupt?

Answer: It all depends on what the companies are doing. It may be very simplistic to say that well-structured, professional companies will do good, while badly run and serviced companies have a higher chance of going bankrupt than ever before. But, it’s very crucial to understand what’s unique about the current situation in New York in light of COVID-19. 

As much as it’s hard to admit, people are leaving New York City in droves like never before. The COVID-19 situation has made it hell for renters in tall apartment blocks. Regarding office workers, rules around working from home and flexible work options have made it uneconomical to live in such an expensive city for many. This is great news for companies that can help in interstate and international moves. However, it’s not all good news for those companies that do nothing but local moves. The longer that the Big Apple remains the national COVID-19 hotspot, the more likely companies that haven’t diversified out of local moving will suffer. 

Luckily, Jordan River East is a well-rounded and diversified Manhattan Moving company. Our over 2 decade experience extends to everything from local moves to international moves. We have hedged our bets in every major moving operation. Whether you are fleeing the city now due to COVID, due to shortly return, or feel optimistic enough to give the Big Apple a shot during one of its worst crises, we will get you to your destination.

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