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                    Moving to Florida?

Most likely, your answer should be yes unless you have a compelling reason. The minimum 15 hour drive from New York to Florida will be well worth it.You are looking at summer literally 365 days a year (at least in Miami and South Florida) and you’re never too far away from some of the best beaches in North America. Even if this may not be a draw, then the status of Florida as one of the 7 (or 9) states without state income tax is sure to lure a lot of people in. Florida is also surprisingly affordable, even though it is the 3rd most populous state in the US. Even though costs are rising, if you are moving in from New York, you will see a favorable difference in costs between New York and Florida.

If being a tropical paradise and a literal tax haven for tax refugees are not enough to entice you, then you can certainly consider Florida for a break from the dreaded gridlock traffic in New York City. This switch is easily a very lucrative one for people of any generation. Whether you are older and looking for more peace and quiet, or whether you are a young professional that wants less hassle and more time for themselves, there is always a good reason to ditch congested cities. If you ever miss the feel of a bustling city, then no matter where you are in Florida, Miami (the 7th most populous metropolis in US) is never that far away. Even a 10 hour drive from Pensacola (on the other end of Florida) won’t be a hassle when the weather is always so good! The nature around Florida is extremely diverse and there is a whole lot to do in the outdoors. It is probably one of the few places where you can see the big city life in an international hub like Miami and disappear into the Everglades swamps, without a human in sight within short drive from each other.

                              Cities In Florida

Despite most attention being taken by New York, California and its much bigger neighbour, Texas, Florida has a lot to offer. Besides being home to Miami, which can be unofficially considered the capital of Latin Americaand a major tourism hub, Florida has many other cities that punch way above their weight. Orlando, located smack in the middle of the Sunshine State, boasts Disney World, which is an all year round tourist destination that no family wants to miss. Being home to the University of Central Florida (boasting the largest campus in the US in terms of enrollment) it is a major attraction for students from all over the world.

Moving further west to the Gulf Coast, you have the Sunshine City of the Sunshine State, St. Petersburg. The city averages 360 days of Sunshine a year and is a major attraction for both young professionals and retirees alike. Combined with neighboring Tampa and Clearwater, you have the 2nd largest metropolitan area in Florida called Tampa Bay. Economic growth over the past few years have clearly made Tampa one of the fastest growing regions in the US. In general, Florida has some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in all of the US, being led mainly by inter state migration. Besides, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Jacksonville (the capital) and Tallahassee are also important places for anyone to consider for moving. All of its cities have been seeing a continued boom in both population and economy. It isn’t just the older snowbirds anymore, everyone wants their piece of the Florida dream!

     Moving to Florida – Costs and Logistics

So now coming over to the most important part, which is the actual move. The drive from New York to Florida is fairly straightforward once you hit the I-95 highway, which is the most utilized in the whole country. The drive is very scenic and quite well equipped to needs of drivers. Planning a trip is easy, and not so complicated if you want to carry out a small scale interstate move from New York to Florida.

If, however you are in need of more complicated interstate moves such as moving a large family or undertaking a commercial move then the costs and logistics need to be thought out well. It is very important to hire a proper interstate mover with a good track record and extensive experience in interstate moving. You do not want anything stranded or worst yet, lost in a 1000 mile journey! Luckily, we at Jordan River East Moving, have over 2 decades of experience in interstate moving.

In terms of cost of moving you are looking at anywhere from $2500 to $6000 for the journey depending on the size of room, your possessions and in many cases the time of the year as well. Moving during peak season (summer season in most cases) is usually more expensive and this is due to a range of factors such as holidays for school and college aged students as well as the end of most leases. It may not be a bad idea to arrange a fall or early winter move in order to reduce your costs if you can plan it right with a moving company that is experienced.

Make sure to plan and consider the significant changes you will face when making the move. Keep in mind the weather changes and downsize wherever possible. It is unlikely that you will be needing your winter jackets and boots in Florida. Keep in mind that Florida does not have most public transport friendly cities, so it would not be a bad idea to prepare for a car purchase or at least make arrangements for rental/ car-pooling before you even get there.

Following the right guidelines and working with the right companies to facilitate your moving to Florida should make your trip as hassle free as possible. There is no need to overthink this trip and there is no need to overstock. Most likely you will be glad to downsize the number of items you have and enjoy a much simpler life in Florida. That being said, you have all the amenities of a big metropolitan center always accessible and hence, you do not have to worry about stocking up anything. Let Jordan River East Manhattan Moving Companies help plan your next trip to the Sunshine State.


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