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May 31, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

Moving companies aren’t putting your stuff on one small moving truck and driving it across the country. That would be extremely cost prohibitive. Because of the structure of moving your items from moving truck to trailer to local moving truck, the timeline for moving your items across the country may be much longer than you would guess. But you do have options—and the earlier you understand them, the more likely you are to take advantage of the moving timeline that works for you.

1 – Cost Efficient Long Distance Moving Timeline

The cheapest way to move long distance with a moving company is to be flexible in your delivery window. If you know that you can survive for a few days without your items at your disposal (hint: pack your car with at least 7 days worth of what you’ll need and figure out what you’ll be sleeping and sitting on in advance), you can usually get the most bang for your buck from long distance movers.

2 – Guaranteed Delivery Windows

Need your items there on a specific day? While it isn’t a perfect science, moving companies are excellent at logistics. For a premium price, most moving companies will offer the opportunity to select a guaranteed delivery date. This will help you plan for your move and setup your stuff on your preferred timeline.

3 – Storage-In-Transit

The other side of moving long distance is that sometimes your timeline isn’t as simple. Perhaps you have a detour or gap between your origin and destination. Maybe you’re crashing on a couch for a few weeks until your new apartment is ready. Whatever it may be that is creating a gap between your homes, you will benefit from utilizing the option of storage-in-transit. Storage-in-transit is simply what it sounds like – storage that exists between transporting your belongings from origin to destination. A version of short-term storage, it is an option you can utilize with your moving company when moving long distance. Make sure to be very clear about your timeline because longer gaps in time may require different approaches to storage situations. Moving companies can get expensive when changes happen at the last minute so make sure to have your details ironed out and communicated as early as possible.

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