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Congrats on getting that new apartment that you really wanted! Moving to a new place in NYC is exciting but can be just as stressful. Initially when you think about moving an overwhelming feeling of panic may wash over you, flushing out all of your logical thoughts. Especially since you live in NYC and it’s known to be a chaotic and fast-paced city! How do you go about your move? What do you need to do first? Should you hire a moving company? These are all questions that are probably racing through your head. But before getting all worked up, take a deep breath and relax. You can do this. Think of this blog post as a guide to help you easily achieve a stress-free move in NYC.


Get Organized

Getting organized right away will take loads of stress off of you. It’s extremely helpful to make yourself a moving checklist and include everything that you need to do before the move. Here are some examples of things you may want to add to your list:


Take apart furniture. If you have large pieces of furniture that you’re certain won’t fit in the moving truck, you may need to take apart your furniture. If you don’t have the time or are worried you won’t be able to do it yourself, you can hire a moving company to do this tedious task for you for an additional fee. The moving company can also put your furniture back together for you!


Get packing supplies. Make sure you have all the materials that you need to help you pack such as cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or newspaper, trash bags, box cutters, and sharpies for labeling boxes. You can get free newspapers to wrap your fragile items in, from local newspaper stands. And instead of having to pay a lot for boxes, you can get them from merchants, liquor stores, or you can negotiate add-ons with your movers. To avoid spending any money, you can take advantage of what you have and use large storage containers or suitcases to pack your stuff.


Items to pack ASAP: Why not make things easier for yourself? Get a head start by making a list of appliances or items that you rarely use and begin packing them up right away! These may be things like that expensive bowl that your mother bought you and you hardly get the chance to use.


Choose Your Moving Date

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Choosing your moving date can take some time planning and you’ll want to figure it out as soon as you can. Obviously, moving over the weekend is the most convenient option since you have a few days off from work, however, weekends don’t always line up with the first of the month—when leases usually begin. You’ll want to coordinate move-out and move-in dates with both of your landlords. It’s best to try to move out a few days before or after the first of the month to get the most out of your rent.


Hire a Moving Company

Why risk hurting your back to save a few bucks when you can hire a moving company to do everything for you? Let the movers do your heavy lifting. There are many different affordable NYC moving companies you can choose from. We at Jordan River East can help you out in your time of need! We are a full-service residential and commercial moving company with over two decades of experience in quality moving and storage services. We provide many different services from local to international moving and are open 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote or any additional information.


Pack Smart

Packing smart, not hard, is the way to go! Start by getting rid of things you don’t need. We tend to collect a lot of unnecessary items that we don’t even use. Might as well downsize when you’re moving anyways. Feel free to donate your stuff or just toss it to the curb. But keep in mind that in NYC it’s illegal to discard electronics or metals in your regular trash. Other than that, you can discard anything—including all types of furniture—as long as you take the proper precautions and discard them properly.


Make sure that you have all of the necessary packing materials. Clearly label the contents of your boxes using a sharpie or marker. Don’t just throw random things in boxes; make sure to organize your boxes wisely so that your bedding is in one, kitchen utensils and appliances in another, towels in a third, etc. You can start by packing your off-season clothing in a cardboard box or the more preferable option, a suitcase. Using a suitcase makes your clothing easily accessible while allowing you to conserve your boxes to pack other items. Remember, pack the items that you use less often first, and as you get closer to your moving date, pack things that you use more frequently.


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About a week before the move, put aside essentials in a carry-on such as clothes, toiletries, and phone chargers. That way you can pack everything else up and you don’t have to wait until the last minute. Chances are on move-in day, you won’t have much energy to start unpacking so don’t forget to take toilet paper and other necessities with you, or pack them in a box that will  be easily accessible to you. It’s also a good idea to pack all of your valuables in a backpack to take with you on the day of your move.


Avoid Any Extra Costs

Undoubtedly, you want your security deposit (if you have one) back in full. Or even if you don’t you wouldn’t want to get charged for leaving your apartment a total mess. The last thing you need is unnecessary cleaning fees. To avoid these costs, put aside some extra time either on the day of the move or a few days earlier—if you don’t want to wait until the last minute—to clean your apartment. You’ll need a few basic cleaning supplies such as a broom, mop, sponges, paper towels, and disinfectant.


Moving Day

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It’s finally here, the big day you’ve been waiting for! Most likely you’re stressed about your last-minute packing and finishing before your NYC full-service movers arrive, but not to worry. Make it an enjoyable experience while having fun! Do your last-minute packing and cleaning, while blasting your favorite songs. Also to steer clear of any last minute stress be sure to consider these moving day details before your big day:


Know how you’re going to get to your new place. Most likely you won’t be able to ride with the movers; there probably won’t be any room in their truck for you. Today is the one day you regret not having a car in NYC. You want to carry a few things with you; your essential items and your valuables, but you’re not sure you want to take public transportation today. You have a few options, you can either get a cab, uber or maybe a friend can give you a ride.


Reserving elevator space: Some buildings require you to reserve an elevator on your moving day in advance. In case you have to, you should call your building at least a few weeks before your move-in date and reserve a time slot for your convenience. 


Tipping the movers: Tipping is absolutely necessary because of all the hard work your movers put into the move. $20 should be the absolute minimum that you tip each mover but anywhere from 5-10 dollars an hour per man is respectable.  Keep in mind that higher tips are appreciated if your movers are dealing with many stairs or lifting heavy furniture. If a mover goes above and beyond you’re welcome to tip higher for their professionalism. 

At Jordan River East we understand how stressful moving in NYC can be. We hope our tips in this guide can help you stay calm throughout your move. Remember that it’s not worth the hassle of moving on your own when we can help you out!

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