Moving TipsMoving International: What Do You Need to Know

Moving internationally can cause some major headaches and stress when going through the process of changing lifestyles. Anything can happen when packing up and moving to another country, so planning and prevention are the best forms of protection in this arena.

Our relocation consultants at Jordan River East will help make an overseas move easier, effortless and complete. Moreover, you will be excited to know we have an international shipping service that you can use anytime to get your items anywhere in the world.

What Are the Requirements for an International Move?

Getting a Visa

Most countries require you to get a visa before moving there. They need to know your reason for coming to the country.

• Are you studying abroad?
• Are you retiring?
• Are you coming to work?

These are some questions asked on the visa application. Moreover, officials require that you submit proof of what you claim. Therefore, you would need to pay a deposit and rental fees for an apartment beforehand and show proof of income to them.

One way to make this process bearable is by meeting with an immigration official from the country you are visiting. That person will give you information about the laws, health risks, restrictions, and customs while assisting you with completing the visa application.


Every package that gets shipped internationally needs to pass through customs. Border Protection & Customs officers need to make sure that all your moving boxes contain only the items in the inventory list. Packages could get inspected for further examination if officials suspect restricted items inside. Sometimes the process is quick, depending on the destination country. However, if you hire a professional international moving company like Jordan River East, we will handle all documentation requirements for you.

Size Considerations

Specialty items like pianos, antique furniture and automobiles need special care when shipping internationally. Some airport and shipping port workers do not have your best interests when handling these items. There are plenty cases of bags getting stolen or damaged during the shipment process.

Change Mail

You would need to redirect all your mail to the new location.


You still need to pack and ship the items after all the paperwork, documents, and regulations are in order. If you are doing it on your own, you will need to find a way to the shipping docks or airport to get them loaded on the vessels.

Secure the Packages

Make sure that every package is secure so nothing falls out. Each nation has different laws when it comes to tearing packages. It will be an unpleasant experience if some of the items do not show up at the destination.

What Does the Jordan River East International Moving Service Offer?

Out trained relocation consultants can help get your packages to any destination around the world for one flat rate. We have a NVOCC quote that covers all international moving services with no extra fees.

Other international moving companies encourage you to pay a middleman to negotiate getting the items through customs or subcontracting fees for hiring other unnecessary individuals or companies for help that you do not need.

We cover everything for a fixed price. You can finally take a seat and relax during the shipping process. Our contracts include major shippers so there are no delays getting your items to the intended destination. That contract includes preparing inventory documents for export and import, getting customs clearance and having the proper insurance.

Choose us for that move overseas!

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