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Moving In NY In Winter (How to Protect your Items)

Winter in New York could present many challenges for a moving company. Movers need to deal with a combination of snow, ice, wind chill, freezing temperatures and crowded streets. All these elements will make a move even more challenging to complete. Winter temperatures in New York could drop below freezing and average around 29°F. Moving in these conditions is harsh for an individual attempting to move themselves. Hiring a moving company will keep you from moving in dangerous temperatures.

Protecting Items in New York Winters

We at Jordan River East & Storage Company will remove extra snow from the street to make a path to your home. We will put down cardboard or plastic sheets if needed to prevent slipping during those icy storms.

Some things you could do to before our relocation consultants arrive to your home is shut off the heat. We will walk in and out of your home to move boxes and turning the heat on would put stress on the furnace. We want to ensure that your home stays protecting during this process and you get your security deposit back.

We will need to leave our facility early to navigate the heavy traffic. We also need to move slower than usual during the move because of the icy conditions. If possible, create a parking space for us. If you a have slippery floor, lay down large pieces of cardboard or plastic to make it anti slip.

Things to Avoid Moving in New York Winters

Exposure to extreme cold could affect the following items:

• Liquid
• Wooden, leather, lacquered finish furnishings
• Houseplants
• Electronics
• Aerosols
• Pets
• Musical instruments
• Glass containers

The Challenges of Moving In NY Winters

We as expert movers understand the risks of moving in New York winters. One way we protect the items is by wrapping them thick insulation before packing in boxes. Our highly trained relocation consultants will wear insulated clothing for the weather and anti slip boots. We will make calculated decisions and stay mindful of where we step during the move. Our meticulously maintained truck equipment requires extra care and careful driving during transporting. Only a high-end company like Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company could complete a moving job in the winter properly.

Choose Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company to Help You Move in the Winter

We at Jordan River East & Storage Company will work as fast as possible to move you in the winter. We have the skills and patience to battle snow, ice, wind chill and crowded streets. Contact us for a quote to get an estimate of the flat-rate pricing. We are opened every day of the week. Customers return to our service for a reason. We know what it takes to move a family or relocate a business cross country or locally in the winter. Delicate items will stay protected in harsh weather conditions under our watch. There are no hassles, damages, or delays. You get the best service at the best price. We are licensed and insured, so no worries. This is moving made easy!

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