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August 6, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

There are a lot of ways to cost yourself quite a bit when moving—and equally as many opportunities to save money. In fact, if you’re savvy enough, you may just find that your next move is about as affordable as it can get, without compromising quality.

1. Be Flexible with Your Moving Day
Choose a mid-week, mid-month move date to save the most money. In fact, don’t choose at all if you can avoid it—let your relocation consultant know that you’re flexible and looking for the optimal moving date at the best price. It’s pretty similar to booking flights—check around the date to see what your best options are.
2. Schedule a Free Donation Pick-Up in Advance
Purging items from your inventory will not only be good for your soul, it will be good for your wallet too. Donating furniture or other large items you don’t want or need will reduce the cost of your move substantially—and it will make your move smoother to get it out of the way in advance. Just make sure to nail down the details of your donations well in advance as non-profit organizations have limited moving dates available for pick up.
3. Grab Free Moving Supplies
You can find sturdy and clean moving boxes piled up at local recycling centers, liquor and wine stores, book stores and the like. Just avoid highly used, dirty, or damaged boxes—or anything that has previously transported food or hazardous materials.
4. Create a Moving Essentials Bag
Impulse purchases can add up quickly—and nothing causes more impulse purchases than have necessities packed away and out of reach. Instead of running to your local Duane Read to stock up on tons of items you already own but can’t access, put things like your toothpaste, snacks, water bottles, underwear, etc. in your moving essentials bag to ensure you have what you need at your disposal.
5. Comparison Shop Moving Companies
Get quotes from at least three moving companies—and then prepare to analyze not only prices but services, options and reputation. Ask about upcoming deals or discounts that may be planned for future weeks—your relocation consultant will likely be happy to help you navigate options to ensure you choose the right moving company for your needs and budget.

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