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August 2, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

Look pretty much anywhere and you can find a list of moving tips and tricks. But it’s what you shouldn’t do that sometimes matters most—and those insider tips can be harder to find. So if you have an upcoming move, this is our list of things you must try to avoid at all costs:

  1. Wrapping with Newspaper
    Yes, we’re right out of the gate with a controversial one. Why not newspaper you ask? Because you will be washing your stuff for days. That’s if you aren’t putting it in storage to gather a film and/or stain from all the ink and dirt found on newspaper. Spend a few dollars and get clean packing paper to protect your belongings and eliminate the massive cleaning job you’re setting yourself up for with newspaper
  2. Running Out Of Stuffing Material
    Ensuring boxes are safely packed often means filling leftover space with “other” stuff. You can use packing paper to fill empty space and make boxes sturdier, but if you’re on a budget, the quick way to do this is to pile spare towels, throw pillows and blankets, etc. in a corner and use as needed to fill up boxes. This will ensure you aren’t scrambling to fill boxes when the movers arrive.
  3. Use Discarded Cardboard Boxes from Your Grocer
    We get it, its appealing to grab all the free boxes you can. And in many situations, you can find sturdy boxes you can repurpose. For example, at your local wine or liquor store. However, the spare boxes piled at the sides of supermarkets and grocers are not included in this list of “acceptable” free moving boxes. From food remnants (that will turn into mold) to likely having lost some of their structure from use, these boxes are more likely to ruin your stuff than move it safely.
  4. Changes on Moving Day
    Things happen, we can all agree to that. However, when your moving company shows up and the number of boxes you were moving has doubled, that’s when problems occur. If you have changes (it happens!) to your move, you need to try to handle them before moving day. This will give you an opportunity to discuss them with your relocation consultant and determine your options. Avoiding changes on moving day goes a long way to making sure your move goes well.
  5. Treating Electronics and Valuables Like They’re… Not
    Did your moving company offer to pack up your plasma in a special crate? There’s a reason for that. Specific electronics need to be transported in specific ways to keep them safe, from keeping them upright to surrounding them with appropriate packing materials. If you’re packing everything yourself, ask your moving company about how to best transport your electronics—they may have special services to pack your TV, be able to sell you a special crate, or offer alternate suggestions for caring for your items.
  6. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book a Mover
    When you know you’re moving, even if you don’t quite know where yet, make sure you have started to lock down a mover. Especially if its within busy season, you’ll want 4-6 weeks at minimum to book your mover in advance of your move.
  7. Not Booking Jordan River East
    Ok, you’re right. This one was obvious. Happy Moving Day!

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