Moving TipsNew York CityMoving Customer Takeover! Why Everyone Should Move in NYC in November.

November 6, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

Everyone has a favorite time to move—and they can vary from person to person and mover to mover. For this author, moving in November is easily my favorite time of year. And today I’m on a mission to convince you that it will be yours too!

  1. It is Not Summer
    Sounds simple, right? But the simple fact that moving season is OVER is a big deal. No more stressing about whether Jordan River East will have my preferred moving date available. Granted, they’re still busy but they’re not THAT busy. They can accommodate me. This Saturday (I know, I just called them).
  2. Better Specials
    No one wanted to woo my business quite like they do in Autumn. After all, with so much demand for moving from April to September, they don’t need to offer much. But this month? I got free, same-day unpacking with my move! When is the last time someone unpacked your move—for free?
  3. The Weather is Perfection
    Its not hot. Not even remotely. I can open my windows and let any stuffy vibes right out the window. And rain? While it isn’t guaranteed, we do also happen to be out of hurricane season—so I’m usually pretty confident about decent weather. And it isn’t quite winter yet so no need to stress over risks of canceling my move for ice, blizzards, etc. I don’t even need to haul around a puffy coat yet—or find somewhere to put it out of the way of the movers!
  4. So Much More Affordable
    Supply and demand, right? Well, movers are heading into their off season, meaning your business is now in demand for them. I got a great deal on my move (plus the unpacking) and didn’t even need to break out my haggling skills! I guess I’ll save them for this week’s flea market trip.
  5. Not Yet The Holidays
    First, even if you didn’t get free unpacking, if you move in November you still have several weeks before the holidays invade your home. This gives you a little wiggle room to get settled. And did we mention, less tourist traffic on the streets blocking your moving truck?

Ok, you’ve heard my take. What’s your favorite month to move?

Jenn C. is a NYC transplant by way of Long Island. She is proud of her vast knowledge of where to find the shortest lines, fastest routes, and all things UES. Her approximate number of NYC moves is somewhere in the… ok, truth be told, she wasn’t sure. It was a lot.

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