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October 23, 2020by Abby Ehmann0

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Professional moving companies may be companies, but our employees are only human. Accidents may happen and sometimes items may be damaged. Incidental dents and dings are a distinct possibility when all of your earthly possessions are crossing a continent! Even so, with all the other stress involved with a move, surprises like this are never pleasant. Before you even book, be sure to ask any prospective moving company what kind of insurance they offer.

Movers are not permitted to sell actual insurance but the base line reassurance that care will be taken with your move is called “valuation coverage.” This is designed to protect your move in the event that your items are lost or damaged items. Complimentary coverage is required by federal law, also referred to as released value protection or Minimum Liability Coverage. You can also purchase full-value protection or Extended Valuation Coverage. If you are especially concerned about your valuables, there is additional insurance available through third-party companies. We are happy to recommend Relocation Insurance Group or Lakeland Insurance should you decide this coverage is necessary.

Minimum Liability Coverage is complimentary and standard for all professional moves. This coverage provides you with 60¢ per pound for any lost or damaged item. For example, if a 50-pound dining table is damaged during your move you will receive $60. Something much lighter, such as a flat-screen TV, is still covered for that same 60¢ per pound. If you are concerned that that amount may not cover the replacement of your items it would be a good idea to purchase the Extended Valuation Coverage.

Extended Valuation Coverage not only offers additional protection in the event of loss or damage, it gives you more control and is especially reassuring if you are moving any high-value pieces. We ask you to estimate what each of those pieces is worth should you need to replace them. Experts highly recommend this coverage for long-distance and interstate moves but we believe you are the only person who truly knows the value of your belongings. Be aware, however, that should you purchase Extended Valuation Coverage, there is generally a $500 deductible. In the event that you need to file a claim, the following steps will be taken to reimburse you: 1. We will attempt to repair your item. 2. If that isn’t possible, we will attempt to replace your item with an identical (or almost identical) piece. 3. Once those two options have been exhausted, or if you reject those options, we will offer a fair market price for what your item is worth.

Jordan River East realizes that moving is a stressful and emotional process and we are determined to offer you reassurance. This basic guide to how moving coverage works is merely that — basic — so please feel free to ask as many questions as necessary. Please contact us for a free quote!

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