Moving TipsHow NOT To Get Ripped Off When You Move:

How NOT To Get Ripped Off When You Move: Choose a Fixed Rate Mover, Insured Mover and Well Reviewed Mover

There are many moving companies in the industry today, leaving a customer with many choices. Choosing between a legitimate local or commercial moving company and a rip-off moving truck company is risky. We will let you know why it is important to choose a fixed rate mover, insured mover, and well reviewed mover and how to avoid the bad ones.

Why Choose a Fixed Price Mover?

Staff at a rip off company is vague about pricing and seem very desperate to get the job without discussing business. Always ask specific questions about the move and pricing. Get as much as information needed. If the moving company becomes defensive about these questions, that is a bad sign.

Try to find out how much the entire job will cost up front. If this information is not readily available after the first few times of contacting the local moving company, then you might be dealing with a bunch of scammers. Moreover, if a moving company starts telling you about labor fees, delivery fees, or other fee that other moving companies do not charge is another red flag. Ask for a contract with the rates, and if the commercial moving company cannot give you an exact answer to anything, hang up.

Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company offers the best prices for the best service at a fixed rate. There are no hidden fees and we will tell you the final price for the service up front. We respect and value your time and will give you the proper rates.

Why to Choose an Insured Mover?

There are many movers that are not insured. It is very easy to create a business name and get a license from the government. It is also equally easy to get friends and family to leave positive reviews to make the new business look good.

One surefire way to get a rip off company to spill the beans is by asking them about insurance. Who insures them? Ask for a copy of the contract showing what insurance provider is on the paperwork. If they refuse to send this information, then you might have busted a scammer.

Legitimate companies are proud to tell you about their insurance company. They want to stay protected and keep you protected if damages happen. They do not want to end up in court.

Insurance companies hold movers accountable for mistakes. Scam companies thrive on flimsy moving laws to protect them. They do not care about breaking your stuff because it will cost you more money to sue them than to fix your own broken items. So most customers just ignore the issue and fix or replace the broken item. Sign a contract with the insurance information to avoid situations like this. Another sign that a mover is insured is credit card payments. Scammers always want cash up front.

Why to Choose a Well Reviewed Mover?

A commercial moving company with a large amount of local reviews shows that many people have used this moving service. Most people will not leave a review, even if they got a great moving service. So if you see a large amount of reviews that means the company has an extensive customer base showing how popular they are.

A mix of positive and negative reviews is always a good sign that most are genuine. However, do not only rely only on the online reviews. Talk to people in the area about the company and find out who used this New York moving service. Search through blogs or videos for more information. Get personal with the moving company. Make phone calls and listen to the tone of the representative’s voice. Does this person sound professional? Are they knowledgeable about moving? Scammers do not like to research because they like easy money.

Visit the local moving company if you can. Also, make a list of your entire inventory during the move to keep track of all your items. Try to avoid paying cash up front and document everything.

Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company Is Insured!

We at Jordan River East Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company in New York offer a guaranteed contract with a flat-rate fixed price. We have many reviews across multiple platforms. Local New Yorkers know about this company. We have also serviced people around the world. There are no worries when hiring our moving service. All information is presented up front. Moreover, we are insured! Contact us for a quote today!

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