Moving TipsHow Important Are Reviews of Your Mover?

Reviews reflect the experience customers had with our company, whether positive or negative. They help customers understand the services that we offer and the hospitality they will get, how the employees respond under pressure to tough tasks and general behavior that you can only see on the job site. You can get a genuine feel of our business by reading the moving company reviews.

Some customers might not pay attention to the reviews because they feel like the opinions do not matter. Zendesk conducted a study that determined 88% to 91% of customers trust an online review as much as they trust their own family’s or friends’ opinions, however. Another study suggests that customers will most likely leave bad reviews if they experienced something negative than positive.

All negative reviews, however, are not all bad. Studies also show that the presence of negative reviews helped boost the trust factor of a company because customers believe they are genuine. Unbiased reviews build credibility. So, negative reviews can go either way and you should read them for a full understanding of the company.

Although a moving company might have some negative reviews, all of them cannot be trusted. Some reviewers might have a personal vendetta against a certain employee working at a local moving company and will retaliate against an unresolved issue that has nothing to do with the business. Moreover, some moving companies will pay people to leave negative reviews of the competition to get customers to choose their company instead.

Understanding Moving and Storage Service Fake Reviews

Customers might not believe what they read online because some reviews are fake. Some companies will pay people to write positive reviews in their favor. This, however, will not work on most review websites like Google or Yelp because they routinely remove both fake positive and fake negative reviews. These corporate companies have the state-of-the-art technology to detect fake reviews in the system.

How to Spot Fake Reviews

You can spot a fake review by clicking on the reviewers’ profile page. If there is no profile picture, history of other reviews left for other businesses, or interaction with other companies, that shows the review might be fake. Another way to spot fake reviews is by looking at other reviews that sound similar, indicating they were probably left by the same person.

Why Is Moving Companies Reviews Important?

You can use online reviews to compare different companies and decide which is best. You can get a sense of what the employees are like, how the company operates and how reliable the service. Online reviews will help shape your final decision after weighing the pros and cons.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Reading the reviews will help you avoid getting scammed. Some commercial moving companies advertise their business as a ‘cheap moving option’ only to have hidden fees on the final bill. A legitimate New York moving company will offer a fixed price at a flat rate that you know about before the move happens.

Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company Reviews

If you take a look at the reviews for Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company in Manhattan, NY, you will notice many of them are positive. From doctors to family men and women, everyone loves our service!

Contact us for a quote and we will help you move at a great price! We offer the best service at the best price in the Tristate area, serving New York and New Jersey. International, long distance or local moves, we do it all! If the government and US military can trust us, you can too!

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