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September 26, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

Moving in NYC is pretty much a non-stop activity. After all, in the city that never sleeps there are plenty of people moving every day. And while the summer is known as the height of moving season, there are plenty of reasons to look to other seasons when considering a move. In fact, the fall season happens to be our favorite time to move in NYC.

1 – NYC in the Fall is Perfection

In the fall, NYC is filled with crisp air, beautiful colors and a little bit of magic. As the leaves change and the vibe shifts from late summer to deep fall, resident New Yorkers come alive. Returning from their weekend summer getaways, New York City is a vibrant place to be in the fall. Parks turn into meccas of activities and eye candy, delighting all the senses with their offerings. And everyone is just a little bit… happier.

2 – Moving is Easier

Short version – nicer weather means easier moving. Less people moving – more flexibility and options for your move. Simply, everyone from movers to moving customers is just a little less stressed in the fall. After all, carrying a couch up 4 flights of stairs is easier when the August humidity has left the building.

3 – You Can Settle Before the Holidays

Whatever you celebrate, come late November and December, you will likely be feeling the holiday vibes. Which is great, unless you haven’t unpacked yet. That’s what moving in the fall months is great—you can get in and get settled before the weight of the holidays settles on your calendar and your apartment.

4 – More Deals Can Be Had in the Fall

Because the moving season has slowed, apartment buildings and moving companies alike are more likely to be vying for your business. Without the stiff competition of the summer moving clients, you can have your pick, take a little more time deciding and negotiating the best options for you.

5 – All the NYC Activities Are Ready for You

Did you miss our round up of best things to do in NYC in the fall? The list is really endless but we’ve collected a hotlist of the top things to do to acclimate to your new city. But our favorite remains the simplest – just get out and walk around. Fall in New York City is the best!

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