GeneralHistory of Moving Day in New York City

For much of New York City’s history the first of May was known as moving day. Since colonial times all leases in the city expired at exactly 9:00 am on the first of May. So this was the day that everyone chose as their moving day. The scene on the street was picture of absolute moving mania.

The problem was exasperated by rent wars that caused tenets to keep moving every year. Eventually things got out of control as it prevented any regular traffic from moving through busy areas. By late 1800 moving day became moving week. People started because they couldn’t get all their moving done in a single day.

One moving day for the entire city began to fade in the early 20th century. There were many reasons for its demise including: more affordable housing, different rent term dates, rent control laws preventing hyper rent turnover, labour shortage and other logistic problems of everyone moving the same day.

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Nowadays the most popular time to move in America is in the month of April [1]. Statistics show that most popular day of the week to move is Friday. This has to do with the weather and time off work. Jordan River Movers is prepared to move you anytime of year and in any weather. Just book a date and lets get started.

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