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May 25, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

Is a move on the horizon for you this summer? You’re not alone. In fact, the majority of people who move every year will do so between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This great annual migration is a long standing tradition in the moving world, but to new and experienced moving customers alike, it can be fraught with stress and fatigue. So if you are planning a move this summer, do yourself a huge favor and embrace the tips Jordan River East has gleaned from over two decades in the moving industry. Your stuff—and your moving day—will thank us!

  1. Make a Moving Timeline
    Moves don’t just happen overnight. They require careful planning and consideration. From finding a moving company to finding time to pack and label your belongings, you’re going to need time to get it all done. And 9 out of 10 people who move severely underestimate the time it is going to take to get it all done. A well planned timeline will keep you on track to move and prevent you from being one of the many still packing the dishes when the movers arrive.
  2. Do Double Duty—Packing & Declutter
    Let’s face it—we all accumulate a lot of “stuff”. The longer you’ve lived at your old place, the more likely you are to have all kinds of knickknacks and unnecessary clutter filling every corner. To save money and sanity, build time into your packing to sort through and throw out (or donate) items you no longer want. This way you won’t have to pay to move things you don’t even want in the first place.
  3. Pack Early, Pack A Lot
    Unless you throw nightly dinner parties, we’re guessing you don’t need or use 85% of the items in your kitchen on a regular basis. The same likely goes for your bookshelves, closets and all other major areas in need of packing attention. One area that trips everyone up is the idea of packing “some” but not all. But who said you can’t pack away 4 of your 5 coffee cups now? Keep out only what you need as you pack—this will make the last days of packing seamless.
  4. How Flexible Are You?
    It is moving season which means moving companies are operating at max capacity nearly every single day. This doesn’t provide a lot of wiggle room or flexibility in any area, from price to moving dates and times. On the other hand, if you can be flexible in your scheduling, you may still have your pick of moving companies. Ask your relocation agent about all your options and see where they may be able to work with you if you can offer flexibility.
  5. Lock In Rates and Dates Early
    Flexible or not, your rates and your moving dates need to be decided in advance. During peak moving season we recommend deciding at least 4 weeks in advance—but keep in mind that the best moving companies may sell out more than 4 weeks in advance. Get your quotes, interview your moving companies, but do not hesitate to lock in a mover when you find the right fit.
  6. Learn How To Interview A Moving Company
    Everyone knows to ask friends for recommendations or check online for reviews—but what happens when you read negative reviews for the recommended company? Or when you find a company with great reviews but your friends had a bad experience? The truth is, moving companies run the gamut—and you’re unlikely to find a single moving company with a completely spotless record. Things happen—but when you learn how to interview a moving company, you’ll find you can narrow down further who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Questions you need answered include:

    1. What happens if there is an accident or mistake made?
    2. What experience/backgrounds will my movers have?
    3. Who will be overseeing my move on moving day?
    4. What is the process for communicating with the movers before, on and after moving day?
    5. What licenses, insurance and DOT registrations are in place?
  7. Shortlist Priorities
    Would it just kill you if the antique lamp Aunt Ethel left you was broken? Do you absolutely need to have wi-fi hooked up before you go to sleep in your new home? Is fresh-brewed coffee imperative in your kitchen throughout moving day? These are just some of the questions only you can answer—but figuring out which moving priorities matter most to you will help you highlight the most important aspects of your move to focus on. Share them with your moving company so they can share your priorities. For example, they may take care of Aunt Ethel’s lamp no matter what, but now they may all be so aware of this particular box that its specially labeled and stacked away from any potential hazards entirely.

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