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June 21, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

Laptops and similar sized electronics are often a source of major concern on moving day. From packaging to transportation, laptops are easy to damage and difficult to replace. Furthermore, valuation coverage provided by moving companies replaces item value based on weight–meaning most modern laptops would be replaced with a few dollars at most. None of this is particularly comforting to moving customers. So what do you do to protect laptops during a move?

  1. Keep Them With You
    Do you have a laptop bag and the ability to keep your laptop with you? Your best bet will always be to keep your laptop away from traditional moving boxes and simply keep it with you. This will protect against damage, theft and loss.
  2. Ask Your Moving Company About Special Moving Crates or Boxes
    Don’t put your laptop in a standard fare moving box. If you must package away your laptop, there are special, reinforced boxes you can utilize to provide the most protection.
  3. Make Sure Your Laptop Will Be In A Safe Environment
    Putting your laptop in storage? Climate-controlled storage is critical for many electronics, reducing the potential for moisture or high heat or cold climates that may damage electronics.
  4. Back Up Everything First!
    No matter how much you do to ensure your laptop is transported safely, there will always be a risk. Employ best practices to back up all your data and information so that if all else fails, you still have a cloud-hosted back up of all your work and information.

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