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July 16, 2019by Andrea Boccard0

When your home move warrants an onsite estimate, it generally means the moving company needs to send a professional relocation specialist to your home in order to create a quote. To prepare, it helps if you have clear expectations of what is going to happen.

  1. A Visual Inventory
    Your relocation specialist will likely move methodically from room to room to survey your items. Make sure you know what you plan to move (and identify anything you plan to leave behind so it doesn’t get factored into the cost).
  2. A Review of Services
    Are you planning to pack your kitchen yourself or would you like some help? Be honest with your mover about your concerns and expectations and they’ll be able to suggest services and options that fit your needs or budget.
  3. Materials Needed
    Your relocation specialist can usually pinpoint the number of boxes you’ll need to complete packing. (Hint: It seems like a magic trick, but really, they’re just experienced in this stuff!)
  4. Available Deals & Discounts
    Ask your specialist about options available to you. This includes discounted days or moving box specials, etc. You never know if you don’t ask!
  5. A Quick Turnaround
    Your relocation specialist may be able to give you a ballpark during the visit but typically expect a detailed quote to arrive soon after the visit. They’ll need to go back to the office, crunch numbers, and work out the best price and options for you.

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