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November 11, 2020by Jordan River Moving0

Although you might not think it at first, movers are considered to be part of the service industry. When you hire them, you tend to trust them with handling a lot of your valuable possessions. Just like you would tip waitstaff or a hairstylist based on the quality of their service, you should also apply the same logic when tipping your movers. While it’s not mandatory to tip your movers, they would be most grateful for your generosity!


Why Tip Movers?

Just like you tip other workers in the service industry, you should certainly tip your movers (unless their service disappoints you). Movers work hard doing intensive back-breaking labor for hours straight. They’re the people who make the effort to treat your possessions carefully and with respect. Tipping is a good way to show appreciation to your movers for their hard work! Also keep in mind that while the total cost of your move may be quite expensive, workers aren’t taking that money home. On average, most movers only make around $15 per hour, so tipping helps them compensate for the low pay and make a living.


Tipping Movers

When it comes to tipping movers, don’t be afraid to tip based on performance, your level of satisfaction, and don’t forget about your budget! If your crew is careless with your stuff and irresponsible, then logically you’re not obligated to tip them. But if you find that your crew was entirely the opposite—very professional and treated your possessions with care—give what you believe is fair without going completely broke. You have the choice of giving your movers bigger tips, standard tips, or none at all—within reason. 


Here are some things that you can base your tips on:

  • Did the movers have to go up a lot of stairs?
  • Did they carry heavy furniture?
  • Were there narrow hallways to navigate through?
  • Are any of your things damaged?
  • Did the movers have good attitudes?
  • Did your movers take extra precautions to protect your fragile items?
  • Did they help you pack?


How Much to Tip Local Movers?

Tips based on the standard tipping rates (15-20%) would definitely be way out of your budget! So instead of basing tips on percentages, try using the universal tipping rate of 4$-5$ per man an hour if the movers do an acceptable job. However, if you feel that they’ve done an exceptional job, don’t hesitate to give them 6$-7$ per man per hour! Always use your best judgment to decide the appropriate tip amount. 


How Much to Tip Long Distance Movers?

Again, don’t base your tips on percentages, but use the universal tipping rate of 4$-5$ per man an hour if they do an adequate job, or, to make things easier, you can round to 40$ per mover a day. This is the most sensible rate to go by because tipping for long distance moves can be a bit more confusing, as opposed to local moving. In some cases,  you may get two different sets of movers; one for loading the truck at your home, and another for making the cross country drive and unloading your possessions at your new home. If you are planning a long distance move, it’s recommended to call the company up and ask how many crews will be handling your move so you can tip accordingly.


How Much to Tip International Movers? 

What if you’re making an even bigger move? Let’s say that you need to hire international movers in NYC, but you’re uncertain about how much should you tip them for their services. To keep it simple remember this; For half-day moves tip each person $20, for full-day moves $40 per person, and for overtime $50-$60 per person. If they’re helping you for more than a day just pay them $40 per day. If you feel more comfortable tipping with percentages you can tip 15-20% divided among the crew, although the outcome may be higher.

Jordan River East can help you with your local, long distance, and international moves today! We have over 20 years of experience and a high satisfactory rate. If you live in NY or anywhere in the tristate area and are looking to hire a reputable moving company, call us up and we’ll provide you with all the information you need.

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