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Why We Are the Best at Moving Your Fragile Items such as TV, Pictures, Art, Antiques, Glass, Mirrors and Anything Else That Can Be Broken

We understand that certain things are near and dear to your heart. You cherish these items and do not want them to get broken. The Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company in New York is the best commercial moving company in New York for handling your fragile items. We have over thousands of happy customers and the right experience for jobs like this. We understand the concept of packing and unpacking and loading and unloading.

We Have Protective Materials

When our highly trained relocation consultants arrive to your residence or business they will bring protective materials. We will wrap breakables in bubble wrap. We have packing paper and padded materials to insulate boxes for when items jostle around in a moving container or truck. We also have packing tape to keep the boxes secure during the move. We also have thick blankets to wrap around your furniture to protect against bumps and scrapes. We are very mindful of moving your items. Every step that we take is factored with the environment and weather conditions, so we do not fall and break anything.

We Pack Items With Care

We will handle your stuff with care! We pay very close attention to how items are placed in the moving boxes. You can help us out by labeling moving boxes with fragile items before the move. Sometimes fragile items have special components that require extra care so they do not get damaged. For this reason we will move large fragile items and antique furniture pieces one by one.

Protect Your Fragile Items At Our Storage Facility

We understand the science behind moving and storing antiques. You can decide to store your fragile items in our warehouse between moves. Our modern facility is climate controlled and keeps the humidity at a certain level so pests cannot thrive. A hot facility can damage sensitive items. The controlled climate keeps the temperature inside the warehouse at a steady level so your fragile items are not affected. Our building is fireproof for the best protection. 24-hour security is on site to monitor the storage units.

Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company Fragile Moving Boxes Service

We at Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company will handle your items with care. We understand that you do not want anything broken during a move and will take the extra mile to protect your prized possession. We are professional movers who are experts at packing and unpacking, loading and unloading moving boxes. We handle everything with care!

We also understand that accidents happen. No need to worry. We have the proper insurance to cover your broken items, if an unexpected event happens.

Contact us for the best service at the best price. We are a premier local and international moving company in the New York Tristate area and we would love to move your fragile items at a flat rate!

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