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Jordan River East is a Military Approved Mover – Why That Makes a Difference to Civilians

We are proud to help the military and government workers get their jobs done. We have experience moving the country’s most prized people.

Proudly serving this great country is a brave and valiant thing. We respect that. The military men and women are on our side and we would like to return the favor. We are grateful they choose our company. If they the military can trust us, so can you!

Why it Matters: Trust

Trust is a very strong word. We are proud to let all our customers know that the US government trusts us to do our job properly. We are a military approved international and local mover that specializes in moving fragile and sensitive items around the world with 100% accuracy.

Our reach around the globe is expansive, getting to the corners that military men and women need are heading. Moreover, they know their things will get there safely, on time with the best service for the best price.

The military loves the idea of getting a great service for a flat rate up front. Once the GSA (General Service Administration) approved our company, we were good to go!

We have a wide range of tools and packing materials that can package any item and the military knows this. We help military familes to get moms, fathers, sons, and daughters to the next assignment.

We have the basic United Department of Transportation licenses, but to get approved by the Department of Defense is a respectful gesture. Whether you are police, fire fighter, teacher, or politician, we respect your service to the country and will move your belongings for a flat rate.

The government takes careful considerations when getting into a contract. We are approved by the best of the best. That makes a big difference to civilians.

Why It Matters: Quality

When we were first contacted by the military we felt a bit intimidated, but knew we had the right tools, knowledge, motivation, and impeccable service that will impress them.

Sure enough, we rose to the occasion and did a great job. Since then, military has hired us repeatedly because we provide a consistent moving service every time.

We pay very attention to the details. We handle all moving boxes with generous care. We meticulously calculate every move to get boxes there in one piece. We are hypersensitive to our surroundings when loading and unloading boxes. We go the extra mile without being asked. They military feels comfortable with us. That is why it makes a difference to civilians. What more can a military man or woman asks for?

Jordan River East Respect the Military and Respects You!

We respect the dedicated men and women putting their lives on the line daily while serving our country. We are glad that they trust us to help them move sensitive materials and fragile items around the globe. You should hire us for your next move because if the Department of Defense can trust us, so can you!

We are high quality professionally trained no-nonsense relocation consultants delivering great service to help you achieve your moving goals. When you contact us for a quote, we will give you an estimated cost up front. Transparency and customer satisfaction are part of our goals.

We are open 7 days a week. Call us now! We are waiting to hear from you!

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