Cross CountryMoving TipsMoving Cross Country/Long Distance: What Do You Need To Know?

Moving cross country is a really big decision. There is a lot of preparation and planning to make this a successful move. A person might not know where to start, but we the Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company will simplify the process.

Organize Your Things

Making a cross country move could be a logistical nightmare. There are so many things that could go wrong and get lost in transit. Always ask if you need to take all the things that you have with you. Can something get thrown away or sold at a garage sale? Most moving companies charge per hour by the weight to move long distances. Taking only the essentials is a good idea to make.

If you decide to move yourself, then you would need to factor in many things. Think about the price of getting boxes, gas, hotel rooms, and meals and factor that with days on the road. It can become a headache. Take inventory of what you have and pack them in boxes carefully, tightly and lightly. Take extra caution when packing down fragile items that could break easily. Always wrap them in bubble wrap, insulated paper and keep them in a climate controlled storage facility. There are so many tips we can give for moving cross country.

Another option you can use is hiring a professional moving company like Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company in New York to take the burden off your back. We would bring blankets, plastics, insulation, and packing tape free of charge. We would move your things with the best service at the best price!

How Does The Cost Work If I Hire A Professional Moving Company?

Getting an estimate is free of charge. You can contact us via our homepage or call the toll-free phone number. Long distance moves are based on the net weight. We will measure the truck when it is empty and again when it is full with your things. A long distance move requires a certain number of relocation consultants and trucks. We could also perform a visual estimate.

Here are some visual estimates:

• Binding estimate – An estimate that both parties agree on
Non-binding estimate – There is no legal obligation; negotiations could break any time
Not-to-exceed estimate – Estimate will not exceed a certain amount

Let the Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company Move You Cross Country

We at Jordan River East Moving & Storage Company are the moving solution experts helping people make long distance moves. You will know the price to pay up front after we determine the net weight of your items and the distance you want to move. Other moving companies have hidden fees that will stack up after the move. With us, you will know what the entire move will cost ahead of time. There are no worries. If you have any questions just contact us and our moving solution agents will be glad to assist with finding an answer. We are the #1 moving experts in the Tristate area!

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