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Why Boston?

Boston has way more to offer than only it’s academia, from stunning greenery to high livability ratings and a cheaper housing market, this city contains everything a city should be, don’t look anywhere else because this is the right place to go. The “Cradle of Liberty” offers more than just a cheaper cost of living (it’s housing average is lower than NYC’s by around 37.1%), it is also one of the cities with the best quality of life in the United States and the state of Massachusetts offers the second highest venture capital investment in the USA meaning this is where not only your heart wants to be, but as well where your pocket yearns to be. 


Boston is  most known for its thriving academia and is rated amongst the top in the planet for being one of the best student cities; Boston performs especially well in the employer activity indicator, meaning that employers are searching for freshly graduated young adults. This city is most definitely where people from all sides of the spectrum unite with the ideal of success and happiness. Thankfully, Jordan River East can fulfill that dream.


How to move to Boston—all you need to know

Map depicting the move from NYC to Boston


The urge to move out of NYC is a rather common one, considering how hard it is to live in NYC, luckily a brighter future is a short 3 hours away (216 miles). Just as it’s a relatively quick commute for you, it’s a quick and tidy commute for Jordan River East (JRE) to move all your possessions to your new residence in a moving truck from NYC to Boston. The drive is a smooth and comfortable one and thankfully there are plenty of places to stop and refuel your family and vehicle on this interstate voyage. It’s  a fairly short drive, so transporting your family will involve less of a headache. As it is a shorter drive for you, it is most definitely mutual for Jordan River East; you can expect your furniture at your new place in the blink of an eye. 


In order to make your move as smooth and affordable as possible, you must plan the best time to make your movethe total cost of moving from Boston to New York to a smaller sized apartment or room could cost around $1200. Think of two movers to finish up everything faster and save your back from future pain. Aside the total cost for this movement could range from approximately $1200 to $1800, depending on how large the move truly is. The cost of gas tolls is all flat-rate and it is really simple and beneficial to hire the best movers from NYC to Boston rather than doing all of this by yourself. save yourself the headache and let us at Jordan River East give you a hand with this move by being the best affordable movers in NYC. 


It’s vital to take into consideration what season you plan to move. If you want to finding the cheapest options, you most certainly want to avoid the peak season (the summer) which are times when rental rates are high and the prices with it. Think about autumn and anytime in winter or early spring; you could find lower costs all across the board: movers have higher flexibility during these times, and of course, if you have children, early summer is your best option. 


To make the move as breezy as possible, weigh out what is necessary to move with you and what’s better staying back in NYC to lighten the costs and load as much as possible for the big move. 

Moving from NYC to Boston is less of a hassle with Jordan River East, guaranteed.

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